The “HAPPY LEARNERS PROJECT” was developed to teach and create hand washing awareness in 25 schools, 5 LGA’s and targeted at 2000 children within the age range of 5-12 years in Kaduna State. Strategy and innovation for development initiative (SI4DEV) partners in Kaduna State utilized Visual aids, Poems and Rhymes to teach and create handwashing awareness in 5 schools in Zaria local Government aimed at supporting children’s school attendance and promoting hygiene and health education in elementary schools in Kaduna.

Objectives of the Visit

To create awareness about diseases which can be contracted through bad hygiene practices.
To sensitize kids on the importance of Hand washing and water hygiene as a measure for better health.
To Teach kids the act of Hand washing
To make the learning and the act of hand washing fun to do.
To make Donation of teaching aids and Hand washing items such as Bowls, liquid Hand wash, Water Bucket/container aimed at sustainability of the project.
Description of Activities- (brief on the activities carried out):


The program started off by a brief introduction of the SI4DEV, its mission and vision this was led by Mr. Ukaigweh Roberts the Project Manager, he spoke extensively about the Happy Learners Project, its outcomes and impact. Shortly after that Chukwudi the Program Manager introduced the team and the agenda for the day for each of the schools.


Various partners led session across schools depending on the roles delegated by the program manager. The definition of various terminologies for the kid such as germs, Diarrhea and other communicable diseases are where done as simple as possible for easy understanding and also interpretation in their local dialect which is Hausa was carried out by Mr. Musa Abubakar. Miss Veronica Agana played a vital role in also explaining the act of hand washing such as prevents illness, reduce child mortality rate, promotes better health outcomes and contributes to academic development of a child. At the end of session she engaged the kids on a question and answer session on hand washing and hygiene education.


Partners played roles in this session depending on the school delegated for the job. They introduced the poem on Hand washing and got the kids to sing along. Ultimately the kids and teachers loved the poem and this helped to retain the kid’s attention. HAND WASHING PRACTICE Partners delegated with this role in the schools started off the session by outlining the hand washing procedure and further demonstrated the procedure with the aim of teaching the kids proper hand washing methods with the use of a liquid hand wash and water. Ultimately the minimum of two kids from each school got to practice the hand washing procedure this was aimed at ensuring that the pupils get to inculcate the habit of hand washing.


Partners presented the teaching aids and hand washing items behalf of SI4DEV to participating schools in Zaria LGA. Cartons of Hand wash over 2 dozens each, bucket fitted with tap and bowls were donated by SI4DEV for use by the school.


A Project Sustainability Team (PST) was created in each of the 5 schools totaling 10 members. They are saddled with the responsibility of carrying out a Hand washing workshop in the schools at least once a month for 6 months and to be supervised by a Sustainability Supervisor (SS) to ensure accountability.

Estimated Number of Community Members Impacted – Over 800 children and 40 Teachers in 10 Schools!

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