In Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, we are working with SI4DEV partner, Monisola to support apprenticeships and training for several youth in tailoring, shoemaking, and confectionery. Some of those trained will be given seed capital afterwards.

Abigail Israel Ebitimi is one of the participants in our vocational skills training project in Bayelsa. She is 23 years of age, a secondary school leaver who finished her secondary education about four years ago. She desires to further her education and she believes that acquiring a skill on tailoring will help her financially as she supports herself through tertiary institution.

Abigail presently teaches in a primary school, she passed the last JAMB to study English Education in Niger Delta university Amassoma Bayelsa state. She lives in Igbogene and believes that being part of the tailoring apprenticeship program will empower her as she renders the service to others as a volunteer.

Mr James on black shirt is the shoe cobbler for James Shoes Enterprises. He is helping to facilitate our vocational training program in Bayelsa state being led by SI4DEV partner Monisola. The two people finally chosen for the apprenticeship are Ernest Nestor and Samuel King Isreal. Their passion and reasons won them the slots, as it was a very competitive process and we had over 8 interested persons. Ernest is 16 and Samuel is 18.

Ernest and Samuel are very much interested in furthering their education, but know their parents cannot afford it. They believe that learning how to make shoes will empower them and give them the ability to fund themselves through school.

According to Mr James shoe making is very lucrative, he calls it “pocket never dry”. He said this business has added so much fortune to his life and he believes if the boys put their heart to it, they will do very well and even better than him.

So we are very hopeful that these apprenticeships will bring glad tidings to the trainees and the businesses that have taken then on.

In our next report, we will share more about the class-based vocational skills training and practicals including baking, hat and wig making, fashion accessories, etc.

Your support is much appreciated!

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