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Why do you volunteer? What is the driving force that makes you provide that service or give your last penny to a cause you believe in? In what way do you see philanthropy? For me, I see philanthropy as an act of selflessness; a way a person can act to cause the desired change.

There are two ways people react to a problem. One way is by complaining and the other is by acting. When you volunteer, you take the extra step from just recognizing that a problem exists to proffering a solution that positively impacts the lives of others.

In the country we live in, not much is done to improve the standard of living of citizens. With every passing day, the cost of living increases and not everyone is able to sustain themselves and their family. When the government does nothing and individuals choose to do nothing but complain, the problem increases.

Volunteering is a powerful tool that helps improve the challenges people face. When the system fails and individuals seek to carry out philanthropic acts, they choose to provide people with a solution that helps them live better and healthier. As an individual or organization working on a particular SDG Goal, it is important you see yourself as a life changer and solution provider.

Things might not automatically change in our country but as long as we continue to push the right policies, promote healthy living, quality education and sustainable cities, we are assured that the future is brighter. Don’t stop whatever you are doing. Remember, there is never a project too small to make an impact. Together, we can push for the change we desire in our country.

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