A beggar sat in the city centre admiring the beautiful and luxurious cars that passed by. He used to say to himself “If only I could own that car…that would be the best day of my life!” His wishing went on for a long time. In the evening of his life, he got seriously ill and died. Because no one knew his origin, the city council decided to bury him exactly where he used to sit begging. After digging three feet into the ground, the grave diggers hit something hard. Gold!!!! All his life, the beggar had sat 3 feet above gold and he knew nothing about it! Oh! If only he knew about this gold, he probably wouldn’t have died as a beggar. Knowledge was what stood between living as a beggar and his wish of being rich coming true. Unlike this poor beggar, you as leaders have been given this power. Knowledge! You now know the many possibilities that lie in your future. You may choose to sit back and let those great possibilities lie and keep wishing; just as the beggar did, or you may choose to use that knowledge. If you are thinking, why me? Why us? Aren’t we too young to make change? I can answer you with a question: will you be young forever? No. You will eventually become fathers and mothers, workers, community members and leaders. Stop thinking that it will be someone else in future. It will be you! The choice is yours to make; to sit back and let the gold lie or to get to work and dig it up. The gold is inside you; your abilities, strengths, dreams, inspirations, knowledge…all hidden inside your heads. Do not fear to dream. Look inside yourself; find that ‘gold’ and do all you can to dig it out; do all you can to exploit your potential. With courage, energy and commitment, you can move mountains and oceans.