I am an entrepreneur passionate about my community and societal transformation. I am driven with a vision to raise like-minded entrepreneurs who will utilize every opportunity to make a lasting impact. There are a lot of problems that are yet to be identified, and we need entrepreneurs that will focus on transformation.

An Entrepreneur acts on opportunities and transforms them into values for others to benefit socially, culturally and financially. Your community needs you, the nation needs you, our natural resources are laying quietly waiting to be utilized I beckon on entrepreneurs to take initiatives, solve problems and produce results.

We live in an uncertain and complex world where solutions to a lot of problems are yet to be identified. Rise up from slumber and do what you can do best. Why will you sit and complain about the government when you are one of the government, you fold your hand and watch others do great things in the work-space?  Poverty is eating you up and you say all is well. Our nation can only be great by the wealth transformed from natural resources, and this would take only determined entrepreneurs to achieve because one of our attributes is that we focus on opportunities rather than challenges.

Find your purpose, chase your dream, love your work, transform your ideas into business and pay your bills.

This is coming from an entrepreneur with a passion to transform the  community through economic empowerment.

Think Entrepreneur………Think solution for sustainable development.



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12 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs are the Bedrock of National Economic Development”

  1. You just said it all. In as much as acquiring basic certification is important translating the knowledge into tangible resource via meeting need for payment that’s what counts.

    Entrepreneurs will always be the bed rock of every economy. I just read on the news slide how the schools want to focus on self discovery rather than celebration of certificates.

    Thanks for sharing.

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