Report on Covid-19 sensitization and distribution of relief materials carried out at Malam Sidi, Kwami LGA, Gombe state.

Executive summary
This report summarizes the results of the distribution and sanitization on covid-19 outbreak conducted on 15th April 2020 with the people of Malam Sidi town of Kwami LGA, Gombe state Nigeria. They receive unconditional food assistance (emergency relief) provided by SI4DEV. SI4DEV is providing unconditional food assistance (Rice, Beans, Garri, Vegetable oil, Palm oil, Tomato paste, Spaghetti, Bar- Soap and Salt) and 200 copies of flyers for awareness creation in Malam Sidi town, Gombe state.

Malam Sidi, is a local Government headquarters of Kwami LGA that has a population of over 3000 people; the town is about 25mins drive from Gombe town, the state Capital.

The Town is headed by a traditional ruler, Hakimi, named Alh. Haruna Abdullahi (Ajiyan Gombe), His representative was contacted on Monday 13th April 2020 and was informed about the project,He was happy and allowed us to carry out the project in his town on Wednesday 15th April 2020.

For a fair and credible selection of the target beneficiaries (Vulnerable people in the community), the chairman, Board of trustees of one community-based organization in the town, Malam Sidi Progressive Association (MPA, RC:49953) in person of Dr. Ibrahim Audu was consulted and fair selection was done.

The event took place on Wednesday 15th April at exacts 11am at the organization’s office, the beneficiaries were invited to the CBO’s office and were sensitized about the origin of Covid-19, it’s symptoms as well as the preventive measures of the disease with emphasis on frequent handwashing, social distancing and use of nose mask and what to do if someone have the symptoms. Muhammad Sintali Abdullahi briefed the audience about the purpose of the gathering after which Muhammad Zacharia proceeds with a warm lecture presentation on the Covid-19. After the session, chance was given for questions and were answered appropriately.

The Beneficiaries were satisfied with the food distribution process as well as the quality and quantity of the food even though the number of beneficiaries we met has doubled the number we invited, so we have to make it known to them and they welcome the idea of dividing each package by two so that everyone present will go with something at least. Women participation throughout the distribution process is also commendable.

Distribution process
About 50 beneficiary households were given food and Materials.
When we arrive at venue we make a paper tally and put a number on it, it was this number that each beneficiary take to the distribution space in order to collect their food and material package.
We Organized and allocated spaces at the distribution space: Reception point, collection point and exit to channel off traffic and allow for personal space of at least one meter between each beneficiary. We instruct beneficiaries to maintain a distance of one meter from each other throughout the distribution process.

Names of Volunteers Present:
Muhammad Abdullahi Sintali
Emmanuel Idoko
H.A Sukola
Emmanuel Kaltho Ibrahim
Winifred Emmanuel
Daanish Mann
Muhammed Zacharia


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