This campaign will teach and create awareness in 12 Households (family of 5 making up 60 people) in Sabon Tasha, Chikun Local Government Areas in Kaduna State with the intent of using the World Health Organization, Nigeria Center for Disease Control and the Federal Government of Nigeria guides and intervention as a preventive measure for the Covid-19 pandemic from ravaging our communities, preventive approach is the best as the quote goes “prevention is better and cheaper than cure”.

Objectives of the Visit

  1. To introduce families to effective hand wash
  2. To create awareness about Covid-19.
  3. To create a safer and healthier environment for families and their household.
  4. Create awareness on social distancing during the period of the pandemic.


Brief introduction of the organizations SI4DEV and E-MENT GLOBAL ENTERPRISE by Mr. Roberts Ukaigweh and the families orientated on the essence of the awareness and why they should stay safe during this lockdown while observing strict health rules and tips.


Mr. Roberts Ukaigweh started a talk on Covid-19, it origin and the ravages it has caused the globe, afterwards he outlined and explained the preventive measures for the pandemic by speaking on the following subject matter such as Hand washing, Social distancing, Use of Nose mask, Hand Sanitizing, Sneezing into the elbow, avoid touching eyes, picking nose and other acts that could expose the families to the virus.


Mr. Ukaigweh Roberts and Mr. Chukwudi Clement presented the items such as Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizers, Nose Masks, and Indomie noodles to the familes.


12 families (minimum of 5 Persons per home making the impact to be over 60 persons)


  • The budget was limited to 12 families making it restricted to the available resources while in reality more families needed aid for the lockdown.


  • The Implementation team should subsequently plan to have more of this initiative to reach out to more families in the neighborhood via strategic partnership.


We are grateful to the organisations that have made this awareness possible and also provisons made is of great importance at this moment when everybody is on lockdown.

Mohammed Yusuf

We thank you for coming around when situation seems hectic; you are the saviour we just witnessed for these kids especially.

Promise Emeka

Thank you so much for this act of kindness you just did, may the Almighty God bless you and the organisations you represent.

Mrs. Stellar Christopher

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