According to the National Bureau of Statistics only 4.5% of the Nigerian population has access to personal computers. Access implies those who either own a pc or can derive benefits from it. According to the report, only 0.9% of the population can claim ownership of a PC, while 95% of Nigerians do not own any smart device. This is disturbing since opportunities and access to information and communication technologies boost literacy and are key drivers of sustainable development.


By providing computer sets and other digital facilities, students can have enhanced confidence in their studies and improved ability to access and research the vast information on the World Wide Web. Students will be able to sharpen their skills and ability to create documents for reporting purposes, to create mathematical spreadsheets, and a greater ability to create and deliver presentations and communicate via email. Thus, making them job ready after graduation from secondary schools.

Long-Term Impact

At least 200 young adults will get hands on knowledge of computers annually, thereby helping to bridge the digital divide and economic gap. They will be conversant with critical 21st century requirements for the work place and be eligible for higher incomes and more community participation.

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Enhance digital literacy for orphanage school

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