Development is a process that creates growth, progress and positive change. Participating in the Life Skill and Leadership Training as a Volunteer (Enabler), I have gained quiet a good experience that is worth the time, energy and resources put together to achieve the success of the training for these children.
The students of Muslim Community Secondary School where I volunteered to train the students, were quiet wonderful and happy to be partakers of the training. The school management were very supportive, helping us organize the students each day we came for the training. On another note, it was really challenging for us to fully have the students settled down for the training to commence. This is because of the morning activities that is carried out in the school before our arrival. But in all, the students were attentive, happy to learn from us and very cooperative.
Personally, I felt great joy having to be a part of the program, having to partake in this volunteering service because it is a service to the development of humanity and a service to the community. It gave me the opportunity to teach, thereby imparting these children with knowledge that will be of benefit to their life and future. It was an avenue and a platform to reach out to quiet a number of children at ones, it also created a platform for me to create friendship and to strengthen relationship. On this ground, I am grateful to SI4DEV for giving me this privilege.

David Attai Idoko
SI4DEV Volunteer
Kogi Location.

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