One of the greatest joys one can have in life is impacting the society and this is always the happiest moment of every volunteers.
Leading the Life Skills and Peer Group coaching project is one experience in which I cannot forget easily, because the experience involved in the train is a wonderful one. The Lokoja location was selected to be part of the project to educate and train students in two selected schools in Lokoja which are Muslim Community Secondary School and Eagles Academy and these preteens and teenagers where trained to help them become leaders and innovators so they can have multiplier effects in their communities.
SI4DEV believes that grassroots education, engagement and activation are needed to level the playing field, especially for young girls, the disabled, and rural and urban poor youth who have been marginalized or have not participated in empowerment programs in the past.
As a volunteer enabler and team leader of the group in Lokoja we were trained and also become a trainer in this project. In the course of the training a lot was learned and this equipped us to know more on the project.
Experience acquired in the course of this project is too numerous to express but all I have to say is that this training came at the time that is needed, the testimonies of the students has shown that a lot was learned and more still needs to be learn. Also Life Skills Club was set up in the various schools for continuity of what was impacted in them. Thanks for the management Board of SI4DEV for giving us the opportunity to served.

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