Donation of Emergency relief Food items.

The SI4DEV Nasarrawa LGA KANO location on 25th April, 2020 sensitized and donated emergency relief food items to 21 vulnerable families in Badawa, Nasarrawa LGA, Kano state Nigeria, to help ease the challenge of food in the lockdown and also ogument Government efforts.
The location partners Mr Babatunde Ibikunle and Mr Hezekiah Ibrahim went on survey on 24th April, 2020 to be able to ascertain the vulnerable families that are supposed to be given this emergency food items and tags will be given to them so as to enable us be able to give the food items door to door to avoid crowd from neighbors and which may distract the proper donation of the items.
7 (Seven) volunteers were present to assist in the process. Among the food items given were: rice, beans, garri, peak milk, salt, sachet tomatoes, potatoes, palm oil, and vegetable oil, which was packaged in sturdy bags for each family.
Hand sanitizers was also given to the beneficiaries and those interested in the outreach to sanitize their hands after sensitization. Also fliers was shared with information on the preventive measures against COVID-19 and we successfully reached many people. It was worth it because, during the outreach, a family reported not having what to eat that day and what our team had given to them was what they immediately started cooking.
Courtesy of SI4DEV.

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