To some people family is more than just Father, mother and children, but includes those people who make all the difference in our lives. Family is the building block of society, and every society thrives on the values impacted by the family unit. suffice it to say that the family is the basic institution for socialization of children. There is every reason for us to celebrate the bliss of family, by taking out time to have a reflection of our family is helping to shape our society positive. let us reach out to members of our family and share words of appreciation and encouragement.

Each of us have had inputs into our lives one way or the other due to our family roots. while some may not have been so privileged to enjoy all the benefits derivable from their conjugal family due to varied issues. it is also a time to remember the orphans and vulnerable children around us, and to extend love and care to them

As we celebrate the international day of the family, i call on fellow partners to continue to advocate for family values and support families that may need our help no matter how minute, in so doing we are building a society that we will all be proud of.


15 thoughts on “International Day of The Family 2018”

  1. Family values, very important… people’s family backgrounds I believe, make up about 65% of who they become and what they stand for. We must do our best to inculcate the right values in our children.

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