The meeting started at exactly 1:02pm with personal introduction of selves. Tomisin was the moderator for the meeting.
Mr. Babatunde spoke about SI4DEV and says, it is a platform to leverage on if you have the passion to assist your comunity by providing solutions to problems in your comunity and it calls for alot of sacrifice and commitment. All NGOs started this way, and at the begining it is all about the passion not the gains. Among other things we can do, we can discover a deficiency in a particular sector of the economy, we train then rightly then issue them certificate of attendance.
For now our motive is not on how to make money, because that will be a wrong motive, But the passion must come first to serve humanity is not about money, we discover the problems source for Funders who are interested in what we are doing, Then we can kick off with the Project.
Mr. Babatunde also says, We need to come up with great ideas, ideas that will meet needs in our communities, areas e.t.c
The vision was read to the members present and how it can be beneficial to all read by Mr. Babatunde.
The projects for April was read out and April 7th project was picked (United Nations World Health Day) action points were developed
● We agreed to look for partners who have been doing such programs in Kano and partner with them
● Know about the activities the organisations would like to carry out on that day
● We also need to know how SI4DEV can come in
● We need to learn more about United Nations World Health Day.
30th March, 2018 was agreed on to meet on the group chat to hear the feedback about the task given to each one of us and Mr. Babatunde encourages us to be passionate about SI4DEV.

Mr. Ismail says he has a student who is physically challenged in his place of work( at a school were he teaches) and needs about #2.5M, but we agreed that he should get every necessary information and make a report about it and send to Mr. Babatunde.
Mr. Emmanuel asked if the project we do must be a world Day project but Mr. babatunde says no, it can be personal project but SI4DEV will come in to support.
Mr Emmanuel also asked about how the funding be made available and he was told that the person must carry out his research first and submit then it will be looked upon to see the viability then we can start sourcing for sponsors/Funders.
Mr. Sadisu says he has a plan on world malaria Day which is 25th April, 2018 to help the Almajiri children by providing 1,000 mosquitoes net and Mr. Babatunde says he should write down the proposal and send to him across. The names of sponsors will be written down, a targeted area and everything will be put in together by First week of April and should be made available and sent to the program manager for approval.
Mr. Sadisu also says he is making plans to make an APP on blood donation for World blood donation day in June, 2018 and says by April it should be ready and also says he will find a venue for next meeting.
Lastly, Mr. Hezekiah ask, for those that could not register online for SI4DEV how will they be fully part of SI4DEV but Mr. Babatunde says they can still register on the website to be ambassadors but the slot for ambassadors for 2018 is closed but since we are still together, there is no problem at all.

14th April, 2018 was agreed for the next meeting and the meeting was adjourned by Mr. Emmanuel and seconded by Mr. Babatunde at exactly 2:07pm.
Six (6) persons were present.

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