People are the most critical resource, the only resource that is resourceful, they are also unique in nature because they have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and because they are in the world of violent change and keen competition, they are therefore supposed to be trained to become useful to their selves, and the society at large.

In the course of my interaction as a enabler with the students of Eagles Academy Lokoja Kogi state I have come to discovered that everybody is gifted but some find it difficult to identify their potential as a result of poor background or parental advise that doesn’t correlate with their ability. Many of students I trained on life skills and leadership development that lasted for 6 six weeks made their ambition known to me but lack proper guidance to help them to work towards their dreams.

Some of the students complained that they don’t have a role model and can not make any choice on their own other than the one their parents made for them even when they know their strengths and weaknesses. Taken them through the training many of them discovered what they need in life to achieve their dreams and not to compelled them to do what they have no passion for,not to be compelled to go for courses they would not be able to do, not to engage in a task that will not produce positive result for them.

I also discussed with the students on personal hygiene, because without good health nothing is achievable,we have an adage that says health is wealth. Some of them were able to identify their temperament and that of others which we called individual difference and how to deal with people around them in their schools and their environment. Some of the students were happy to choose their own role model after they have been taught on “positive role model”and then make their career choices .

At the end of the training, the staff and students of Eagles Academy were very happy for the opportunity given to them to know basic skills of Life and promise their readiness to work towards achieving greatness in life. Some of the students pleaded that leadership club” should be established in their school to continue building them and also serve as reminder for them in a bid to attain their height in life.

Enabler/SI4DEV Kogi

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