SI4DEV has launched a rapid response project to help community volunteers lead projects that address community impacts of COVID-19 and the attendant lockdown on movement and economic activities.

SI4DEV currently deployed 40 volunteers in 20 locations in Nigeria and they are reaching out to at least 20 families in each of these places with food and sensitization, and also providing educational materials (banners and posters) as well as personal protection equipment (PPE) to community health centres in some of these locations.

SI4DEV believes in partnering with local community stakeholders to achieve its goal. To this end SI4DEV is also supporting 9 partners organizations across Nigeria with mini-grants to support their own rapid response to the COVID-19 situation in their communities.

We encouraged volunteers to take the World health organization recommended courses for tackling COVID-19 at the individual or country level, of which 110 volunteers completed 1 to four courses each.

Our mission is to train and upskill change makers on how to successfully implement community driven projects, how to effectively access resources to be able to deliver a better quality of life for local communities and how to contribute to sustainable national growth and development.

This is the critical time for all of us to support each other. COVID-19 is more than a public health challenge , it has laid bare the consequences of persistent systematic inequality for all to see,and it is threatening our mental health, trust in institutions, and economic security of billions of people. People are loosing their jobs, unable to get resources, losing access to education and food and in danger of becoming socially isolated.

In this moment of obligation, we have a responsibility to act with care and caution, both towards ourselves and each other and as a national community, we know that this is a key moment to take action.

Below pictures are from Iseyin Oyo State. Join us to do more!

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