I work in an organization where my professional track- I actually mean what I studied in school- is my core responsibility. In fact, like most job requirements, that was what brought me into the organization- a first degree in engineering. When your job designation so much focuses on your field of study, even in a multi-disciplinary organization, you find yourself constrained to your disciplinary job descriptions.

However, most people can offer more than their job role requires of them, because they are multi-talented and because they can contribute to the progress of their organization in other ways.

Not until recently, when the WhatsApp platform for staff in my organization across the nation began to be very active due to a matter on ground, I never thought outside the box. For the first time, I thought of applying my motivation skills in my work environment. I have since been actively engaged; getting members motivated and the resultant effect has been awesome. In fact, a lot of staff chat me up to share their challenges with me – whether on the job or otherwise- and in my own capacity, I offer solutions or refer them to places where they can find them. It’s delightful, how after, they call me up to thank me for my assistance and support. I feel fulfilled for solving problems beyond my job responsibilities.

You see, sometimes, your belonging to an organization requires more than you signed up for. Your potential impact might be associated with voluntarily making a mark in an area other than your field of practice. You might want to look around to see what you are passionately concerned about in order to address it. For me, I observed that staff of my organization were generally not satisfied with working conditions and remunerations. They were often in low spirit and complained bitterly. As much as I empathically accepted their point of view, I sought for ways whereby they could become happier on their jobs. Whenever complains are raised on the platform, I would I would find ways to cushion their anger. I share motivational quotes and article to uplift their spirit and give them reasons to hang on.

Being on the look for where your organization needs help and determining to be the change maker is one way to begin. And of course, you could make an impact within your job description by coming up with innovations that would contribute to the progress of your team, department or your organization at large.

So in a nut shell, in order to make an impact where you work, find out ways you can help your organization or staff of your organization. There is always something you can do, so identify it today.

In the next part of this article, I will share with you some strategies you can use to make an impact in your organization. Until then, remain blessed!


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