The pilot project site was visited by Hezekiah Ibrahim the coordinator and he monitored on the usage and was able to hear how it has been of help to the community. (Sabo community of Bichi LGA Kano state Nigeria).

Here is what a community member has to say about the water project ‘we are very glad of having this borehole in the community which has reduced stress of going far distance to get clean and affordable drinking water’, as he continues he said the borehole has not only been of help to them in Sabo community alone but another neighboring community comes to fetch clean water from the borehole project and also fulani herdsmen come with their cows to feed them with the water. The Sabo community spokesman went further to say, at around 11pm in the night people still come around to fetch water there especially women who are not allowed to go out in the daytime.

Then he concluded by saying: ‘the best gift to be given to community is clean and affordable drinking which SI4DEV has provided for through Hezekiah their partner’.

Sustainability plan:

This is ongoing since the borehole installation was completed. For instance, one of the bolts loosened but the children did not notice it, it was when the community head came to fetch water and also to check the borehole to ensure everything is fine with it that he realized one of the bolts was loose and he had to tight it back very well again. Which he said since then he has be ensuring everything is fine with the borehole so that it can last very long.

He thank SI4DEV and Hezekiah for availing themselves to be use to help the less privilege that the government has forgotten in terms of social amenities.

God bless SI4DEV (Sponsors)

God bless Hezekiah (sponsored partner)

Thank you.

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