DATE: 24th March, 2019

VENUE: Mega Grill Eatery, Rumuodara junction, Port Harcourt.


  1. Welcome address
  2. Briefing on si4dev mission, vision, and strategic plan in terms of; SWAP, INVEST, ADVANCE, IMPROVED HEALTH. And how volunteers can key into the strategic plan.
  3. Rivers state Pilot project review
  4. School/community WASH project planning + any other project proposition
  5. Matters arising


  • The meeting started at 5:15pm with a welcome address by Francis. In his address, he appreciated all who have turned out to participate in the meeting particularly those joining for the first time.


  • Francis explained that si4dev has a mission to empower community stakeholders who are desirous of positive change in the society, and to support them in order to fulfill any of the strategic plan of the organization. He emphasize that the vision of the si4dev is to see a just and fair society with more community participation in governance, accountable leadership, sustainable businesses and access to quality high-quality health care and education for all. Emphasizing that the organization has set forth strategic plans such as SWAP (Serving with accountability and purpose, with objective to improve service delivery and increase community participation in politics through voter education and awareness), ADVANCE (Advancing Development in Community and Education, aimed at promoting community and social development through improved educational inputs, outputs and outcomes), INVEST (Innovative Ventures for Economic Stimulus aimed at supporting business education, advisory/credit facilities and civic awareness for entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises), and IMPROVED HEALTH (Sustainable Partnerships for Enhancing Care aimed at contributing to evidence-based health care or public health interventions and policy decision making for improvement in health outcomes).


  • On the Rivers State Pilot project “Enhanced digital literacy for orphanage school” Mr. Francis said the project has been completed and commissioned, noting that currently the project owners are able to print some of their papers using the facility provided by si4dev. He explained that one of the challenges experienced during the project implementation, was the poor quality of local source of input at certain milestone, thereby leading to delays in project reporting. He emphasized that there is a partnership with visible charity global foundation to ensure effective project utilization and maintenance.


  • Next on the agenda was the location group WASH project, but the meeting convener decided that opportunity be given to any member who wishes to introduce a project. Mr. Uzodinma suggested that since the menace of accident around schools situated along busy roads is on the increase, we should embark on public awareness on the use of zebra-crossing. He also suggested that we could partner with FRSC to construct a zebra-crossing for a school within PHALGA and approach the state house of assemble to enact a law that will be enforced by the state, such that offenders that don’t regard zebra-crossing will be fined. The house agreed and decided to assigned responsibilities to individuals towards the project planning.



  1. Victor Elemchukwu to scout a school within PHALGA where the project will be implemented and report back in 7 days.
  2. Uzodinma to carry out a project cost estimate and report back in 10 days
  • Kosi to explore means of partnering with FRSC on zebra-crossing and report back in 10 days
  1. Francis to carryout SWOT analysis on proposed project and report back in 2 weeks when the house will reconvene for another meeting.


  • Francis suggested that towards the Children’s day celebration on May 27th 2019, we should embark on a WASH awareness campaign by adopting a community school of choice where there is need for awareness, and to sensitize the pupils on good sanitation practices.



  1. Jessica to locate a public school within PHALGA where the project will be implemented and report back in 5 days.
  2. Every other member to come up with ideas on the project implementation steps in our next meeting.



Sources of funding for location group projects to be discussed in our next scheduled meeting.

The motion for adjournment was moved by Jessica and seconded by Faith. Next meeting shall hold 7th April 2019.

The meeting came to a close at about 6:10pm.

Those in attendance are;

Francis Eghehan

Elemchukwu Victor

Faith Omalu

Jessica Aniekan

Amadi Kosi

Uwalaka Uzodinma.

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