The project was carried out in Aba, Abia State. We sensitized two communities namely Umuimo autonomous community in Osisioma local government area and Okporonkpa Community in Aba South local government area of Abia State, Nigeria. We enlightened them on the preventive measure to be followed with regards to the WHO guidelines and food package was distributed to about 28 families. The food response package consist of Rice, beans, spaghetti, garri, salt, milk, vegetable oil, soaps, red oil and tomato paste.

Impact Stories

1. Scholarstica Nwoko – Volunteer

“The Ekpenyong’s family among other families stood out for me. Her husband was late, she’s Igbo, married to an Akwa Ibomite. Blessed with five kids. From her story, I realized that she lost her husband two years ago and ever since then was left with catering for the kids alone. Two of her kids are out of school due to lack of money since the school she teaches in only permitted for two kids to stay and learn there. She said that she was kicked out of her previous apartment due to rent and a neighbor of hers accepted her and her kids to stay in one of their rooms. So far, she’s is still trying to find her stand in the society as she is a Primary school teacher in one of the private schools in the area but because of the lock down she has not been paid for almost two months and is now searching for how to feed her children. She thanked SI4DEV Immensely for the food package.”

2. Felix Obinna – Volunteer

“What stood out for me was an old widow, Mrs. Irene who we meet on her farm, she complained of hunger and being unable to provide for her 8 children, all because of the lockdown placed in the state, she couldn’t sell her farm products, her family has been suffering since the lockdown, but she was very pleased that she got the message on how to prevent and stay safe from the PANDEMIC, also Happy she got the food relief package from SI4DEV without fighting for it. That was a very touching moment for me, being able to improve people’s living conditions, seeing that joy on her face, it was just a wonderful day for her!”

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