Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative a Non-governmental organization that trains, scale-up and provide resources for young people, women and youth to live a better life-has maximized its efforts to safeguard women and youth against the country’s high poverty and unemployment rate through economic and social empowerment. SI4DEV recognizes youth empowerment as the key to substantial development and has decided to increasingly contribute to programs that focus on youth empowerment and economic development in every little way. 

To this end, SI4DEV randomly selected and supported 7 volunteers from 4 location groups, 5 volunteers out of the 7 selected volunteers were supported with machines of their choice (Industrial weaving machine, Industrial and non- industrial sewing machines, Printer/photocopying machine and grinding machine), while 2 volunteers were supported with #50,000 each to boost their businesses.

SI4DEV is committed to implementing women and youth economic empowerment projects that ensure young people including marginalized and underserved population can discover and unlock their potential through access to resources that drive progress towards sustainable development.

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