The month of May 2019 was a purpose driven month for the Abuja location group. Firstly the group held its meeting on the 10th of May with the aim of preparing for the forthcoming projects and campaigns for the month June. There were three major events discussed at the meeting first the group is to support the Discovery Purpose Initiative carryout a “purpose rally ” on the 25th of May at Nassarawa state University Keffi we desire to establish a SI4dev location group at Nasarawa this opportunity will give us an avenue to achieve that, second was the world Environmental day sanitation in collaboration with Clean Techn Hub at Asokoro and the Abuja Secondary School Environmental Summit to hold on the 8th and 10th of June respectively, thirdly, is the preparation for the World Hepatitis Day to be marked on the 28th of July.Lastly is the preparation for the online campaign to mark the “No Tobacco Day” on the 31st of May.

The objective of the meeting was to come up with a work plan on how to make all those project successful, the proposed rally by Discovery Purpose Initiative was supported by SI4DEV Abuja location group, Airtel, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) the purpose rally took place at the Nasarrawa State University, Keffi it was a peace movement of youths and teens in unity, the objective of the rally was to show commitment to living a healthy, life, make positive impact in the society and live a purpose driven life which is channeled towards Nation building. We intend to establish a new location group at Keffi.

Before the report on the activities carried out by the Abuja location group in the month of May, we will like to say congratulations to Miss Trish Okolo the SI4DEV partner and program manager for the successful launching of her pilot project the G- health club it was launched on the 23rd May at Flora International School ,Jikwoyi, with 50 girls to be mentored the program is to last the period of 6 weeks.
Our enthusiasm towards positive change was what promoted our support to the “purpose rally” organized by Discovery Purpose Initiative we took a 3km walk within the university community and lectures on purpose discovery was given by the first speaker the students were encouraged on the need to live a purposeful life. To succeed in life everyone has to understand that both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment create the road to happiness and a life of purpose. Whats going to make you happy or very sad is who you become as discovering ones purpose is easy but the hard side of it is keeping it. They students were therefore, encouraged to not only discover their purpose but to also keep it with them on a daily basis and keep working on themselves to the point where they become that purpose. At intervals in a bit to make the program interesting Airtel called out recharge cards for the fastest fingers. The SI4DEV Abuja coordinator Mr. Samuel Moses charged the students to learn to live a life of purpose in order be agents of change in the society. He further invited those with passion for the service of humanity to join the SI4DEV family as volunteers.
SI4DEV has being training young change makers across Nigeria with 25 states involved including the FCT and currently working on establishing location groups across the remaining 7 state which includes Nasarawa state the two major objectives of our visit was to support the movement and also establish a Nasarawa SI4DEV location group. At the end of the program few contacts were made and three person indicated interest in becoming SI4DEV volunteers to start an SI4DEV location group in Keffi the Abuja location group has started engaging the volunteers in the Abuja projects and grooming them to have a better insight of the tenets of the organization and become conversant with the activities of the organization.
The last activity carried out by the location group was an online campaign to mark the NO TOBACCO DAY which is annually marked on the 31st of May. SI4DEV Abuja location group marked the day by updating and posting online fliers on different social media platforms a flier that went viral with lots of share, re-posting and comments.

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