One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria. This is more than 10 million children, majority of whom are female and live in Northern Nigeria.

It is based on this data that partners and volunteers from Kano, Fagge location group planned and implemented the youth skills acquisition program. Over 25 young people were trained and supported with skills and tools to encourage education and self sufficiency.

The SI4DEV team of Kano (Fagge) along with the volunteering team embarked on a mini project which entails distribution of writing materials among other tools to youths who are partaking in entrepreneurial and vocational skills training at Paradigm Initiative at Dakata Kano.

From our findings, most of them cannot afford these materials and it was limiting their ability to learn and fully utilize the facilities initially provided for the training.

Our team provided the platform in conjunction with Paradigm Initiative to provide a suitable learning mindset for our youths.

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