Since the time I received the first email from Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (Class of 2018), I have achieved tremendous feats as a result of the supportive and development platform this organisation fosters.

As the co-administrator of the Health focus group (class of 2018), it required a great deal of consistency and continuous development for me to assist in the daily activities the group was programmed to run on. During this time, even as a leader I gained several skills and knowledge previously lacking such as report writing, project management, proposal writing, interpersonal skills and the ability to manage a team, naming just a few.

This has led me to become a Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI) fellow, 1st runner up for the Skills Outside School Headstart pitch program, beneficiary of project funding for SI4DEV pilot project (Sight4Dev), and interning at a top organisation. Highlighting my experience is the life long bond that was developed with my mentor during the mentorship module.

Listing the other benefits garnered during my training with SI4DEV would make a very lengthy post, but I can tell you SI4DEV improved and is still improving my life from every angle possible. The programs, network, learning resources, constant shared opportunities and most importantly, support system provides a platform everyone should be a part of. Be on the look out for the opportunity to be a part of the organisation’s training class!

Thank you SI4DEV!

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