Everyone has an identity; a set of characteristics you express, the unconscious and conscious demeanor you put on, the belief you exhibit and your total personality. All over the world, one of the key factors that differentiates races, background, religion, tribes etc is there identity because no two different individual in tat context has the same identity as each has their own unique look if identifying them. You do not need to go through much stress in identifying an Indian from an American, an Egyptian from a Nigerian. To narrow it down, you can easily differentiate an Hausa man from an Igbo or a Yoruba man.

Coming to the professional world, amongst the factors that communicates the content or the discipline of an individual is the identity he puts in in terms of dress code. You can easily recognize a lawyer with his costumes, a doctor with his coat and sphygmomanometer hung around his neck, an engineer with an helmet on his head, a player with a jersey on etc. These are evident fact.

Therefore, one can see that our identity is so unique and powerful that it speaks and communicates the content we carry, the personality and set of attitude and character we possess even without communication.

Beyond that, whatever look you deliberately put on will give an impression of the character of the sane set of people with that identity. I give you an example; you do not expect to put on a rag jean, a conspicuous T-shirt of different colour and also oversized, a big costly neck chain and treckers while you expect you to be appreciated to give a leadership talk to audience in the bank. Now you know what I’m talking about. The same thing happens when you have an introverted person who spends his whole life behind screen blogging which look evident in his look as a result of spectacle and a cooperate dress to come give tutorial on how to win a football match to a set of players. It won’t work. The point is that, for every set of workplace and working conditions lies their own identity kf which if not properly maximize MA cause your own failure.

In the corporate world, bellow is how to make use of your identity diligently:

1. Be Deliberate: Getting yourself properly ready for a working environment should be a deliberate effort. A popular quote says “you dress the way you want to be addressed”. The first key to proffesionalism is for you to be dressed that way and as such, you will be taken as one. You just have to fake it that way even if you are not yet there. “Fake it till you make it”

2. Carefully select the information you take in: Every man is a product of his environment. One of the factors that make up our identity, personality amongst others is the education we receive mostly from our environment. This step should start with knowing what you really want to do, then you carefully select the information the information that sets you on the right course in achieving this goals.

3.Environment matters: A new born baby in New York will definitely dress like an American. Similarly, a lady from Delhi will put on their demeanor over there. The kind of people you associate with, your mentor and those people you want to look like determines your identity also. A perfect example is a religious organization here in Nigeria. They have the same identity so much that they can recognize themselves even without communication (Deeper life Bible Church), now you agree right.

This amongst other things are ways to efficiently use your identity well.

Till I come your way again…… BE INSPIRED.

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