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Nneka is a girl child activist and an advocate for the education of young girls. She is currently a student and hopes to make a difference in Nigeria's medical sector by creating awareness on various health issues and control measures.
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5 years ago 10 Comments

Hi Everyone. Last week I posted an article on “Doing” so I thought it’ll be nice if I put up this article on time management because sometimes we really want to do a lot of things but we feel like… Read More

5 years ago 17 Comments

Hi Everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful month. Around May this year, I found this really good motivational tips that has helped me focus more on DOING instead of just wasting time while sitting down to think, talk or write… Read More

5 years ago 17 Comments

Hiiiii everyone. I’m really excited writing this. So today my secondary friends and I did a thing we call “Catching up”. Its nothing fancy, just a day we set aside to catch up on old memories, rejuvenate our friendship and… Read More

Increase Productivity By Sleeping More part 2.
5 years ago 9 Comments

Welcome back to my blog. Last week, I posted an article about the negative effects of sleep deprivation and how sleep affects your learning process and memory retention but I still have 2 other topics to talk about and that’s… Read More

Increase Productivity By Sleeping More.
5 years ago 16 Comments

You’ve probably heard about a thing called “Biological Clock” and how your sleep circle can affect your overall health. Well if you don’t know what a biological clock means, I’ll tell you. A Biological Clock refers to how your natural… Read More

5 years ago 23 Comments

Serena Williams described her life as a kid this way ” Life was get up at Six o’clock in the morning, go to the tennis court before school. After school, go to the tennis court. But it was consistency. I… Read More

5 years ago 17 Comments

HOW TO GET AND STAY MOTIVATED!!! (Self Motivation Part 1) According to Google, motivation is the general desire and willingness to do something. There are days when we feel super motivated and ready to do anything at all but there… Read More

5 years ago 24 Comments

If you’re someone who’s into hair care or someone who loves hair and natural hair specifically, you should be familiar with the word “Split-ends” Well if you’re not familiar with the word, don’t worry I gat you. Split-ends is a… Read More

5 years ago 24 Comments

Value is a common word we use on a regular basis but not many of is know its deep meaning. So I decided that before I’ll discuss whatever I’m going to be saying here, I’ll have to define the word… Read More

5 years ago 16 Comments

Let me tell you a story about myself. It was the beginning of a new session. I had passed my Junior WAEC exams and that was what would determine what field of study I would be accepted into. I chose… Read More

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