One of the best things that has ever happened in the lives of participants of Street Business School in Sabon Gari Community in Kano Stae; is definitely equipping them to become Coaches in their respective business lines and family.

One of the achievement that really amazed me is the one of Mrs Aminat Aminu who happens to be a petty trader in the production of jewelries. She could hardly speak pidgin English but fluent only in Yoruba language. Her determination really paved way of business growth in her business.

When I interviewed her, these were what she said “I took it up as a challenge to practice whatever am taught in the class, I always seek for assistance from Fellow colleagues in class to help me copy whatever they learnt from their note books to mine. Then every evening I do call the attention of my daughter in secondary school, to read and translate it for me in Yoruba language. I am so happy and confident to express myself further in the class by asking questions in Yoruba dialect and thank God you our Coach for guiding me through. Now I keep records of all of my business activities, I go to mosques , occasions and meetings with my daughter to market my products without feeling shy. I am so happy I can support my husband in the little way I can.” 

In fact, the entire participants improved one way or the other in their respective trades. Most of their testimonies relates to confidence, record keeping, market research, coming out from shyness to boldness, breaking the bondage of dependency, coming out of the myth of money is the first step to start up business, turning  unused items to form business capital. etc.

To crown it all I came to realize that Street Business School is all about learning and simple practicals can lead to exceptional outcomes. Mostly sharing ideas has enabled all of us to achieve goals in our respective endeavors regardless if you are a Coach, Assistant Coach or participant.

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Nathaniel Echiye


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