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David Arome is a research scientist with experience in qualitative and quantitative health research, data collection, entry and analysis. He conducts interviews, writes reports and publish research articles. He is actively involved in health advocacy, civic and community engagement. David is an author and write for He is driven by passion to impact lives, hope to see that the vast population stay healthy and the girl child is properly educated.
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4 years ago 1 Comment

COVID-19 has brought severe hardship to the teeming population of Nigeria, most especially the vulnerable and less privileged in our communities go hungry, starvation coupled with government lockdown and stay at home order. The price of food items have doubled… Read More

5 years ago 3 Comments

Have you ever heard of heart friendly oil? What comes to mind, each time you heard of heart friendly oil either from someone or through advertisement? The very answer to this all important question is that heart friendly oil does… Read More

6 years ago 12 Comments

A great leader is someone with the passion of helping others move to higher heights. The growth and progress of any society is tied to the quality and effectiveness of is leader as no society or country can advance or… Read More

6 years ago 17 Comments

Upsurge of Malnutrition Crisis Deepens among Young Children in Nigeria Malnutrition epidemic among young children is far from been over in Nigeria, as cases of malnutrition are on a steady increase. Malnutrition is a prevailing epidemic that thrives in Nigeria.… Read More

The Plight of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
6 years ago 31 Comments

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