A great leader is someone with the passion of helping others move to higher heights. The growth and progress of any society is tied to the quality and effectiveness of is leader as no society or country can advance or grow beyond a certain limit, when a leader does not have a clear vision and lack basic leadership skills.

Understanding of the working dynamics of leader, which is all encompassing and people centered, is a key element that make the society works. As a leader in our various capacities, it is very important not to abuse the awesome privilege given to us. We must demonstrate quality leadership in our places of work, society and beyond our respective country

I see leadership as a privilege to serve and not a right; having the mindset to serve people at all levels will help re-position you as leader to perform exceptional well, in the delivery of your duties.

More so, a leader should not see his or herself as a dictator. You need to let the people you lead also contribute by bringing to bear their thoughts, ideas and suggestions that would bring about effective service delivery. Further more a leader should be someone who listens, pay attention to details, an open minded person and welcoming at all times.

All these thought passed through my mind when the Abuja team visited the Luga community, a large shanty town just behind Wuye, last week Saturday. We met with the chief and community secretary, and from our discussion with them and observation, the community has no electricity, school and insufficient water. The community heads were very open to us and I look forward to working with them, improving the circumstances of the local people, but also building my own leadership skills too.


  1. I must commend your team for taking time out of your busy schedules to do community needs assessment.

    Then, I must say that I am disappointed at our leaders, that one of the host communities which houses the FCT is in such a deplorable state. I am wondering because there lies the seat of the capital of our nation, and so, if that community has been left to its fate, should we expect those afar- hiding in villages of states- to be developed?

    Perhaps, it’s high time our leaders began considering their relevance to the society.

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