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Patricia Okolo is program management expert, she is the program manager for entrepreneurship program at skills outside school foundation, she is a career coach, wcurriculum developer and a community mobilizer. Patricia has a bachelor degree in Economics, and currently undergoing her post graduate degree in public health. Patricia has volunteered with live bridge Foundation, re-learn, volunteers in Nigeria, Amazing amazon and Enactus Unijos. She has passion for disadvantaged women and youth development.
Abuja, FCT
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Nigeria a great nation, Nigeria is the heart of Africa, Nigeria has the most natural resources. God blessed Nigeria. The Nigeria of my dream is a  country free from corruption and ill practices, a country where income is equally distributed.… Read More

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WHY YOU SHOULD ADOPT SERVANT SERVANT LEADERSHIP THE BEST FORM OF LEADERSHIP Servant leadership posits the leader in a wholly different role and emphasizes that leadership is a group phenomenon. There are no leaders without followers, and leadership always involves… Read More

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  Why you should eat right Healthy diet is a diet that enables you to main healthy well-being. Do you know you are what you eat? Health diet  protects you against many chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes… Read More

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After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8, became a national holiday there. The day was then chiefly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries. Finally, in 1975 it was officially adopted by the United Nations.… Read More

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Everyone can generate business ideas, do not think some people are talented while others are not. Solve a problem many people have Consider your talent: Perhaps you’re good at something, which could be turned into a business? You can introduce… Read More

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Massive open online courses(MOOC) are free online courses for everyone who have the internet and are willing to dedicate their time. Most people want to develop their career but do not have the money to do that. There is a… Read More

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  The time has once again come when Nigerians decide on who will pilot the affairs of this great nation for another four (4) years. For a nation that not too long ago transited from Military to democratic political atmosphere… Read More

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Ways to make your 2019 Memorable 1. Set Smart Goals 📝📝 I am sure everyone has what they want to achieve in a year, setting smart goals will make that very easy for you to achieve it. Setting goals keep… Read More

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SI4DEV meeting held on Friday April 13 The minutes of the meeting Convener : Patricia okolo Venue : wuse 2 old banex suite 216 Meeting commenced 3:45pm Meeting closed 5:15pm Attendees Patricia Okolo Emeka Emordi Chidimma Bassey Bassey Damilare Oyedele… Read More

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We had our first location meeting on Saturday the 17th of March, 2018. 3 people attended the meeting: Stella-Maris Obeta, Timi Obisesan and Trish Okolo. Our major discussion was on Community Development Project for Local Communities in Abuja. We suggested… Read More

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