Adaora Nwajagu is the founder/ Executive Director  of Butterfly Minds Youth Enlightenment Foundation (BUMYEF). I am always upset each time I see young people who are unable to take hold of certain benefits because of their backgrounds or their lack of opportunity especially as it concerns education, so I thought it would be lovely to contribute to the pool of other people who think like me to collectively make our desires of seeing an educated young population a reality.

The Firefly project is focused mainly on underprivileged communities within Nigeria and we look out for out of school children in those places and enrol them back to school. So far in Abuja, we’ve managed to enrol close to 25 children including those from displaced communities in the North East. We not only focus on providing formal education but we follow up and provide mentorship outside the school. We’ve seen improvements within these two years and children who had never been to school are fully integrated. We have recorded radical behavioral change from when we first enrolled them.

Her advice ti youths is to always look around their environment and find out small ways to add value to it.


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