SI4Dev. Bauchi State Members

Venue: Bello A.A’s residence.

This report summarises the actions that occurred at the meeting.

The meeting was opened by Habibu Abdullahi, SI4Dev Fellow. Followed by the brief introduction of every volunteer present. In the first part of the meeting, Habibu Abdullahi gave an overwiew of the initiative. Where he further explained the benefits and importance of being part of it. He later, brought onto the table the issues of the under-developments surrounding the whole face of Bauchi State.


In the second part of the meeting, Ibrahim Bello raised the issue of  VOTESQUAD team to be showcase during the upcoming presidential election. At last we arrived at a conclusion that, Sadiq Adamu will take the responsibility of making the t-shirts after the Founder Mrs. Nkem Akinsoto has done her own part as she promised to cater for the shirts to be worn during the program.

People in attendance where:

  1. Sulaiman Musa
  2. Fatima Kabir
  3. Sadiq Adamu
  4. Ibrahim Bello
  5. Mukarram salisu
  6. Habibu Abdullahi
  7. Maijidda Musa
  8. Fatima Ali

Attached to this summary are the pictures we took to make remembrance.

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