The time has once again come when Nigerians decide on who will pilot the affairs of this great nation for another four (4) years. For a nation that not too long ago transited from Military to democratic political atmosphere in 1999, this will be a higher litmus test for us as a nation, as the whole world is watching if this electoral process will be a better success than that of 2015 that was considered widely  peaceful, free and fair.

Like never before, close allies, International Organizations, internal stalk holders and institutions working together with the people of Nigeria to make sure that a better and stronger democratic institution is built in Nigeria. As citizen of this great nation, it is more our responsibility to make sure the right candidate is elected. A candidate that will put the interest of this nation above every other interest and chart it affairs to restoring Nigeria’s glory. That is why, no we are all expected to go all out and do our citizens duties of exercising our civic right. This should be done without religion or ethnicity lines as we are first Nigerians before being Christians, Muslims, Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. It is only when Nigeria is fine that we can be fine in our different capacity.

As the Election Day draws closer, some desperate politicians and their die hard supporters in their do or die approach of trying to attain power will try to sow seed of discord among us, perpetrate fake news and try to incite violence. It is our duties as our brother’s keeper not to make ourselves available for their use. All we are expected to do is Vote Not Fight.

As the election is one day away, we leave you with the below What To Do on Election Day as stated by Ambassador W. Stuart Symington;

  1. Know your rights.
  2. Hold unto your PVC:- never allow anyone take it or purchase it from you.
  3. Report Immediately:-….If you have any trouble voting or see anything suspicious at your polling unit.


Do your part to get out the vote!
Voter turnout in Nigeria has been dropping since 2003. You can reverse this trend!

Join the vote squad campaign. It’s easy and fun. Just find  other PVC holders to join you and register your team at the

Follow the link for more details.



Polls open at 8:00 am to begin accreditation. In order to vote you must be in line before accreditation closes at 1:00 pm, but be early just in case. After accreditation INEC advises you to stay within the polling area to wait for voting to begin; if you leave, you must return before voters queue for voting, which should be at 1:30 pm , by 2pm you cannot join the queue.






Polling units shall be open for accreditation and voting at 8:00 am. For the accreditation process your Permanent Voters Card, will be read using a card reader.



You will then be asked to authenticate your identity and asked to place your fingers on a machine which will authenticate your fingerprint. Once fingerprint is authenticated, your name will be looked up on the register of voters



After accreditation, the Presiding Officer shall offer you a pre-folded ballot paper, (stamped, signed and endorsed with date) and you will be given ink to stain your voting finger with.



You will be asked to remove your cellphone or cameras before proceeding to the voting cubicle



You will be showed the voting cubicle in which to mark the candidate of your choice on the provided ballot paper



After marking the ballot paper, you will deposit the ballot paper in the appropriate ballot box , the box shall be placed not more than two meters away from the voting cubicle



After casting your ballot, you are free to remain within the vicinity of the Polling Unit to witness the sorting and counting of votes and the announcement of results.



Accreditation and voting will continue as long as there are people left to vote.



  • Wear comfortable clothing, you might be standing in line for a long time
  • Carry along some water/snacks
  • Bring along a hand fan
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to go as a group so you have people to socialise with
  • Be courteous to NYSC members, INEC staff and polling unit observers

Do Not

  • Campaign for votes, or persuade a voter not to vote for a candidate at the polling Unit
  • Shout slogans concerning the election, or in support of any party
  • Be in possession of an offensive weapon or wear any apparel calculated to intimidate voters
  • Use a vehicle bearing the color or symbol of a political party or candidate
  • Attempt to tamper with election day material


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