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Project Name: Clean and Safe Water for 100 Families in Nigeria
Project ID: 35753

The major issue bothering the people of Sabo community in Bichi Local Government Area of Kano State is lack of clean and drinkable water. This issue can be addressed by making available pipe-born water for the community. This project will provide and maintain 1 (one) manual borehole that will provide the entire community with a clean and consumable water.


You can donate via the following details: Zenith Bank
Account number: 2189965585
Account name: Ibrahim MBA Hezekiah

Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative
GTBank Account number: 0366172770
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The lack of clean water in the rural Sabo community has been a lingering problem as the relevant government organizations have neglected the community in terms of providing an infrastructure that will make good water available for the people. Our continuous engagement with the people through needs assessments and survey has proven that the problem has led to increased infant mortality within the community as a result of cholera and diarrhea contacted from the bad water consumed.

The project will provide a manual borehole at Sabo village which will help to reduce disease burden such as diarrhea and cholera among children and adults. Class performance for girls who are tasked with finding water in far places will improve as they have more time to study. Women will also have more time to contribute to economic development by engaging in such activities as trading and farming.

Long-Term Impact
The borehole will improved the health and living standards of the families in Sabo village, especially the girls, women and children. Health costs will be reduced as sickness is decreased and with increased access to water, there will be better hygiene and sanitation practices. Finally, new business ideas and livelihood solutions will thrive, such as irrigation of small gardens leading to more availability of nutritious food and vegetables, etc.

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