Over the years, review has shown that a large percentage of poor students in Osun State are not equipped with adequate learning materials. It is in response to this, that the project aim to improve the school performance of the poor students by providing them with right tools to excel.

My charity project ” Improve school performance for 300 students in Osun State, Nigeria” was approved on GlobalGiving and I am now raising funds for a project close to my heart!

My Project’s Information

Project Name: Improve school performance for 300 poor students
Project ID: 35792

Link to my project: https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/improve-school-performance-for-300-poor-students/

You can donate via the following details: First Bank (FBN)
Account number: 3055331266
Account name: Adefare Tomisin Elizabeth

Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative
Account number: 0366172770
Remember to add MY PROJECT ID: 35792 When paying to this account. Thank you 🙂


Children’s life chances are strongly influenced by the quality of their education. Schools aim at providing children with knowledge and interpersonal skills required for their development, adult life and contributions to society. This attribute is particularly key if the child is living in a disadvantaged environment (Heckman, 2008; Heckman, 2011). This project will encourage enthusiasm to learn in poor students in Osun state, Nigeria by providing them with lacking class tools and motivation.

A good quality education helps children reach their full potential, but for millions of children in low-income countries, this is beyond reach. While more children are going to school now, many are not learning basic literacy and numeracy skills once they get there. Poor exam results in Ife East LGA of Osun State in the past years is linked to poor attendance and caused by students not being equipped with adequate learning tools and materials. They also lack the right mindset towards academics.

The project will equip the students both in mind and with learning aids like books, text books and other tools so they can fully benefit from their education. A student without adequate writing and instructional materials no matter how smart cannot be said to have a quality education. Over time, the ability to assimilate learning comes from proper and continuous practice of what is taught. We want to level the playing field, prepare the children mentally and physically for better performance.

Long-Term Impact
Education is fundamental to sustainable development, it is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health; it enables people to be more productive, to earn a better living and enjoy a better quality of life, while also contributing to a country’s overall economic growth. Education is critical for breaking the poverty cycle and its importance is reflected in the commitments of Sustainable Development Goal 1

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