In response to the effect of the rapidly increasing COVID-19 outbreak in the world and how it especially affect local communities across Nigeria. SI4DEV launched special COVID-19 intervention projects across the country.

Osun/Osogbo location group chose two tasks:

• Provide food and hygiene materials to identified low income families, the needy and old people in the communities.

• Produce flyers and posters with correct covid-19 precautions to educate/share with the local people.

These were effectively carried out on Wednesday 15th of April.

The COVID19 awareness campaign and distribution of the relief packages was a great experience. Especially seeing the needy people being genuinely happy to receive something out of nowhere. Their Joy grew in bounds especially when we inform them it’s not from government but by a local NGO. They were amazed and full of gratitude and prayers for us and our sponsors.

The awareness and relief package distribution took us around 5 communities in Osogbo. These were Service/Agunbelewo/OjaOba/Isalẹ Osun/Ilesha Garage. We spent almost the whole day moving around. We gave out the packages based on our assessment of the living condition of all the beneficiaries or relied on their leader to help identify those that needed it most.

The beneficiaries include – aged, widows, orphans and those that are home bound or bed-ridden due to illnesses. We also used the opportunity to sensitize them about the novel Coronavirus disease.
Attached are some of the images from the program.

The teams members are:
Adeniyi Adeoye (Lead)
Fuad Opeyemi (Co – lead)
Joy Eberechi (volunteer )
and Omoniyi Wuraola (volunteer) .
Thank you SI4DEV for this opportunity to put smile on faces of these ordinary Nigerians in our local community.

– Adeniyi Adeoye ( Osun Si4dev Covid19 project co-lead )

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