Everyone can generate business ideas, do not think some people are talented while others are not.

Solve a problem many people have

Consider your talent: Perhaps you’re good at something, which could be turned into a business? You can introduce an idea to your community which comes from a different place

Maybe someone told you about a new way of using materials, a new way to produce something or a new way to solve a problem? A good idea often combines well-known things in a new and surprising way. E.g. did you know that elephant dung can be turned into paper? Or that sunlight can be used to cook water?

You can also think about what many people buy from outside the community. If you can provide it, people might buy from you because your business will be closer to them.

You can help other businesses. For example, if you’re good at writing and drawing attractive signs, perhaps you could turn that into a business where you get paid for creating signs for other businesses. It’s good to talk with many different people, and listen carefully to their ideas and need.

Recognize opportunities e.g. you can make a business out of turning waste into something useful. If you’re creative it’s possible! Recognize opportunities e.g. old car tires can be made into sandals and old beer cans be turned into toy cars. If you find a way to turn waste into something useful, you might make a good business because you can get your material very cheap, or even for free, because other people think it’s useless. You’re also helping the community, because less material will have to be bought outside.

What Next?

You need to convert your ideas into a business. Considering a business idea is like holding a seed in your hand and thinking about planting it.

Can that type of tree grow well here?

When can I harvest for the first time?

Do I know how to take care of such a tree?

Do many people like that kind of fruit?

How much water will it need?

What else could I plant here?

Now let us talk about the business tree

A tree starts from a small seed. If you choose a good seed and a proper place to plant, it can grow into a healthy tree over time. Similarly, a business starts with an idea. If you choose a good idea, it can grow into a healthy business, with the right ingredients. A tree must have water to survive. The roots draw up the water from the soil, so the branches can be healthy and grow. A business must have several ingredients to survive. Hence, it is key to think about your business from a sources and uses perspective.

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