The meeting started at exactly 1:58pm with prayer from Pelumi. It was a short prayer. Tomisin was the moderator for the meeting. Introduction of selves followed with all attendees introducing themselves. There were 6 attendees in total.

FROM RIGHT TO LEFT: Hammed, Fuad, Mubarak, Tomisin, Ibrahim and pelumi

Tomisin presented the “what SI4DEV stands for” and said it is a platform to leverage on if you have the passion to assist your community and that it calls for a lot of sacrifice and commitment. All NGOs started this way and at the beginning it is all about passion and not gains.
After the wonderful presentation given by Tomisin, Ibrahim asked a question about the procedures involved in joining SI4DEV, Tomisin answered. Fuad also asked that must all community services be carried out individually or collectively by member. Mubarak also asked if SI4DEV has gained ground in Nigeria. Tomisin answered and said SI4DEV is currently in 25 states with 30 locations across Nigeria.
The project to work on was then discussed. The attendees gave suggestions and amongst the suggestions were:
• Governance : To sensitize the people of a particular community on the dangers attached to the new trend in voting which is Pay-to-vote me during elections as the Osun state election draws near
• Enterprise : To sensitize freshmen in the college about entrepreneurship
• Capacity building
• Sensitization on drug abuse which has become norms among youths
Sensitization on drug abuse was finally selected amongst the suggestions and it is to be executed in OKUA Community.
Tasks :
• Pelumi to get in touch with Medical personnels who will deliver the talks (lecture)
• Ibrahim to find out more about Okua community
Others to assist
Tomisin talked about having a uniform before the execution of the project as well as banner and gave the vote of thanks.
Fuad moved for the adjournment of the meeting till 18-07-2017 and it was seconded by Hammed.
Group photographs were taken.

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