Concerning our proposed project, a young medical doctor is ready to help us out with the campaign.
As obtained from a source in the community, the town is about 45minutes away from Osogbo, the state capital at a T-fare of approximately #400. The town has only one existing junior and senior secondary school combined. The school consists of over 200 students and about 25 teachers.
The available information says the school is to go on vacation by next week Friday, hence becomes essential we pay a foundation visit to the principal to prepare against our programme early next term.
A team of two men (Ibrahim and Fuad) visited the Okua community high school. In the absence of the principal, Mrs Fifelola, the vice principal attended to us, welcomed us open handedly with a touch of hospitality. After an elaborate discussion, she welcomed our proposal and was delighted her school was selected, hence ready to donate maximum support.
The school is supposed to resume on the 10th of September, but due to the governorship election slated for 22nd of September, there’s every possibility the resumption is postponed till after election. Therefore, it is more appropriate we propose the programme till middle of October, suggested by the vice principal, to be discussed by us and response given back to them. Her number was taken, and they are ready to feed us on details needed at any needed time.
Since the school is about going on vacation dis week Friday, only a handful of students majorly of junior class, and a handful of teacher was seen and captured in pictures below.
NB: there was a challenge of identification. The authority asked us of any identification to certify our connectivity to the acclaimed NGO, but we were unable to provide any. Thanks to the mtn network with which we open the SI4DEV online page to ascertain its existence.


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