Strategy for Innovation and Development ( Si4dev) Owerri location group participated in the COVID-19 Intervention project launched by the organization SI4DEV across the nation to provide supports to  health care workers in rural primary health care centers, Community & her members in curbing the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease.


On the 27th Of April at about 10:45am, Lead by Lucy and Chioma the Owerri Location Volunteers in persons of Prof. Kenny,  Uche, Comfort, Charles & Nora paid a visit to Urratha Amakohia Community Health Center following our prior notice…  We donated the following PPEs ;

1) Sanitizers
3)Protective Cap
4) 2 Big Hypo for Disinfecting
5)Liquid soap

To the Doctors and  Matron on seat to help them curb the spread of the novel virus.


The team thereafter proceeded to Amakohia Community Market where we carried out some sensitization and awareness about the novel coronavirus disease giving out hand fliers and stickers to be placed at the entrance of the homes and shops that would serve as a reminder to them at the close of each day.

After the sensitization, the team on behalf of Si4Dev donated

1)  2 Buckets with Taps which was dropped at strategic parts of the market
3)Hand sanitizers
4)Liquid soap

And we engage the market women in proper hand washing and demonstrated to the how best to wash their hands.


The team concluded the sensitization and awareness at Control post where we strategically mounted the banner so those coming into or leaving  the state will be informed.

At the end, The Doctors & Matron at the Primary Health Center expressed their sincere gratitude to SI4DEV for the kind gesture and donations they received. The Market Secretary Mr Reginald, On behalf of the Market Association also expressed his appreciation, as they have always heard but we’re so happy to be partakers and beneficiaries.


We the entire Owerri Team are so grateful to SI4DEV for giving us the opportunity to give back to the society at this critical time and ask God continues to strengthen and preserve si4dev.




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