Umar Abubakar Sadiq is the director of Sam Tensiontheory yumar,  he is a passionate Nigerian interested in the development young people and most importantly the education of the girl child in northern Nigeria. As an administrator, Umar has mentored over 5000 young people and still counting. Umar is a YALI fellow, a partner with SI4DEV Kaduna, an SDGS champion, a drug and substance abuse advocate and most recently a certified life coach from the Jay Shetty coaching school.

Here is his story……

The year 2020 took the world by storm but he is not relenting in delivering best practices to the communities. As a SI4DEV Kaduna location partner, Umar was the co-lead during the distribution of palliatives to 20 households in two communities in Kaduna south and Chikun local government respectively.

During the world drug day on 26th June, Sam Tensiontheory Yumar was a guest on Invicta FM kaduna, during a question and answer segment on drugs and substance abuse.

In the month of July, Sam Tensiontheory Yumar partnered with YMCA Kakuri to deliver palliatives to 21 Teachers in Heyik international School Kakuri Kaduna south. It will be stating the obvious to say that private schools teachers are the worst hit since the lockdown began in March.

Also, during this lockdown, Umar established the Majelisar progressive club – a community based organization in Makere, a community in Kaduna south LGA. Through the club, he has been able to sensitize over 100 households about best practice hygiene and the use of facemasks. They also repaired potholes in 3 streets to ameliorate the spate of accident on these roads.

Finally, Umar Abubakar Sadiq is the Kaduna state coordinator for the world’s largest lessons on the SDGS, an avenue with which he is championing the course of SDGS in Kaduna state.

His advice to young people is to volunteer, he believes volunteering is everything, and to Dare is to Do.


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