I had been looking for a better job. So I told my friend Mrs. Gloria, to let me know if there are any opportunities around. Having high expectation since she is a daughter to his royal highness, she might have a slot.

On that fateful  Thursday night, Mrs. Gloria called to ask if I could make it to the chief’s place the following morning. With a high expectation, I answered ‘yes’. I inquired if I could come with my CV and she answered ‘no, just come’. I quickly informed my husband who was sitting right by my side that the chief’s daughter just called me; there might as well be a slot.

The following morning, I got ready and went. On getting there, I saw a group of women. Amongst them was a beautiful fair lady who introduced herself as coach Ifeoma. She said that we will all be introduced as such so that she could know each of us by our names. She told us that it is a business school that was just introduced to Nigeria in order to educate and encourage small businesses.

This was contrary to what I expected but I reconsidered because I would love to go into business school any time soon. It would not be a bad idea to gain knowledge in business. Coach Ifeoma along with coach Lorraine asked us to carry out physical exercise which they both participated. We danced and sang it was fun. They told us that there was another resource person that they were expecting who was more knowledgeable than they were. Not long, a beautiful fair tall lady was introduced to us as coach Trish.

Coach Trish continued from where they stopped. She told the story of a widow in Uganda that started very small but through the skills she acquired from the street business school, she has been able to expand her business. She showed us a video of the widow.

We were asked to come up with a motto and a group name, being the first set to start the street business school in Nigeria. Since the whole idea was how to increase in the little we have, we decided as a house, it should be “doubling our income” our  coaches like the motto and from that time, it became street business school-doubling our income, and our group name was success group. At the end of that day we were given eggrolls and bottled drinks I felt, it was another family that has been formed.

We also had another resource person, Coach Samuel. Who taught us another interesting topic. At the beginning of every class, we always dance and clap and at the end we write exams and she always encourages us by buying something for the house, in person of Coach Trish.

During this period, Mrs. Bot (Mama Mary) lost her husband just when she promised; she is going to add bread and yoghurt to her Awora (Soya bean cake) business. Mrs. Gloria also lost her sister in-law to the cold hands of death. I had a baby, and our very own coach Trish was robbed. However the following day, she was able to make it to class and she taught us how to come up with a business idea, how to start, who are your competitors and covering you competitors weaknesses.

In our last class, Coach Trish taught us money management; giving us idea on how to save for the rainy day. According to her the style that works for her is. She divides her income into four (4) parts first goes for rent, second for savings, thirdly emergency, fourthly the month spending.

She also advise us to write to write out our monthly spending and see, which one we spend more money on, and if it is not important or necessary we should do away with it. It was a really wonderful experience that will last me a life time, God bless the inventor of street business school.

God bless Nigeria, God bless Abuja, God Bless Orozo, and God bless 2019 set of street business school by SI4DEV.

Thank You.

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