The Lagos_Magodo Group embarked on an outreach to Kirikiri Prison on Saturday, October 13 2018, to sensitize the prison inmates about the dangers of drug abuse and also to talk about mental health. This was done in collaboration with the prison visitation group of RCCG Christ Church, UPS Road Gbagada, and was organized by Miss. Julie Obi. The collaboration was as a result of the fact that the church already had a slot allocated to them, and so it was easier to collaborate with them, as trying to get fresh permission to visit on our own, would have proved a herculean task.


The purpose of the visit was to sensitize the prison inmates about the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of mental health. In this vein, we invited a medical doctor to facilitate the chosen topic.

We also tasked ourselves and donated little sums, in order to purchase a few items for the inmates, to make their stay a little more comfortable. The sum realized and the items purchased, are as follows:

Sum realized:

  1. Olaseni    2000
  2. Joy Iseki    2000
  3. Marian    1000
  4. Nwamaka Osu    2000

N 7000

Items purchased:

  1. 3 dozens of toothbrushes
  2. 1 dozen of bathroom slippers
  3. 140 pieces of sachet tooth paste
  4. 48 pieces of detergent.



Unfortunately, as against the usual custom, we were allowed into the prison premises but we were not allowed to interact with the inmates. This was due to the fact, that there had been an escape attempt and unrest earlier in the day, which had led to the officials locking down the inmates, until after investigations had been made.

The officials apologized for the inconvenience and implored us to visit at a later time, after which we registered the items which we had brought, and left.


The people who attended the prison outreach are as follows:

  1. Julie Obi
  2. Nwamaka Osu
  3. Lucy Damian
  4. Elizabeth Annam
  5. Emmanuel Osinaike (Facilitator).