The project held on the 1st of June 2020 at KABUGA PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER in Kano state, which was also their antinantal day because pregnant women and breastfeeding mother where our target and they were our beneficiaries for the day.

We arrived at the venue with eleven of our volunteers including Mr. Omotayo Oluwaseun who is a member of SI4DEV and ours too. We went the with the following items:

  • Two medium butter with taps for the hospital
  • 112 hand sanitizer for the beneficiaries
  • 100 pieces of face masks
  • 107 pieces of hypo super bleach
  • 100 pieces of detergent
  • 120 pieces of covid 19 prevention measure phalet
  • 1 covid 19 prevention measure banner
  • 1 si4dev banner

We also got donation of 100 pieces of breads from Aliko Dangote foundation, and refreshment for all the volunteers.

We started the awareness by introducing our self and the reason we where there after which each of our volunteers gave them awareness on Covid-19 and how to keep themselves and the environment clean.

With all been said and done we had above 100 pregnant women and breast feeding mothers who benefited from the items givens to them and about 300 of them where given the awareness.

Everything went well and we also got interview by express radio reporter which we invited and the doctors got to all give some of the problem they are facing not been able to have social distancing during the antenatal because they have inadequate chairs to separate their patient and so on, which we promise to see what we can do to help the situation been solved.

These are all that happen during the awareness and we say once again thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve humanity and our country during this hard times we hope and pray we will be given more of this opportunities in the future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much and long live SI4DEV.

Yours sincerely


Northwest/ Kano Coordinator,

Revive Africa Initiative.

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