PROJECT TITLE: SI4DEV Covid-19 Relief Fund for Community Intervention.
GOAL: To strengthen the nutritional safety of low income families in Karu LGA.
PROJECT SCOPE: over 20 low income families in 7 communities of KARU LGA, Nasarawa State.
DATE: The project was carried out on Wednesday 20th May 2020.

INTRODUCTION: The new Novel Corona virus which originated from Wuhan China December 2019, has become a global pandemic that has infected over 2 million people, spread to over 170 countries, killed over 500,000 persons globally and has crashed the global economy. This virus is still spreading without cure or vaccine.

Nigeria is not left out as we have recorded over 12,000 persons infected with the covid-19 virus and about 340 deaths as at 6th June 2020. The nation has been on a lockdown as part of the measures to manage the spread of the virus but it has vast negative effect on some citizens especially the poor that survives by the day as they may end up dying of hunger and not the virus.

SITUATION: Discover Purpose Initiative is a social development organization which specializes in producing credible champions as solution to trending societal problems. We have had several engagements within the last 2 years which has helped us familiarized our organization with the citizens of KARU and KEFFI LGA.

These project was designed to provide foodstuffs to 20 poor families in one out of over nine towns (Mararaba, One-man Village, Ado, New Nyanya, Gwandara, Masaka, Kuchikau, Auta ba laffi) in Karu LGA having a population of over 25,000 each. About 30% of these population are living below the minimum wage and are experiencing some serious hardship during this lockdown period.

On Monday 18th May 2020, we had one on one interaction with seven (7) community heads and some of their people, in New Nyanya/New Karu. The community heads were able to link us with some vulnerable families in their community. Communities visited includes: Anguwan Adogo, Anguwan Sawa, Anguwan Magaji, Anguwan Muazu, Anguwan Gbakna, Anguwan Ogoja, Anguwan Pasha.

The event took place on Wednesday 20th May 2020 at New karu primary school Anguwan Adogo. The event started at about 11:15am with an introduction from Nwabueze Godfrey a President DPI, followed by a sensitization session jointly done by the DPI team and SI4DEV team, which the community Head of Anguwan Adogo was present and volunteered to interpret.

The president of DPI rounded up the session with a keynote speech on Fear and love at such a critical time as we proceeded to palliatives distribution. We ensured that the NCDC guidelines were properly observed as the event ended at 1:20pm.


  1. Rice
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Garri
  4. Mudu
  5. Tin Tomatoes
  6. Sachet Oil
  7. Maggi
  8. Salt

IMPACT CREATED: These joint effort have strengthened the nutritional safety of low income families, mitigated criminal activities in Karu LGA which may rise as a result of hunger, enlightened families in Karu LGA on what they need to know about the covid-19 pandemic and how to stay safe and created a lasting positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Karu LGA, Nasarawa State.

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