Going back again was not a bad idea in itself after all. Repetition they say strengthens memory. Our visit to Kpansia community secondary school was with a new wine in a old wine bottle: the teachers and the students did not forget our Campaign on hand washing as they sing us the song our team lead Monny taught us all.

Although we were already familiar to the kids and their teachers yet they astonished listening to the profound and well researched topic on drug abuse campaign presented by our spokesman. It became more entrenched into my mind as I could see that repeating what have been done earlier isn’t a sign of weakness or lack of preparation but indeed a powerful show of strength.

We could practically see students who reported late to school rushing to the assembly and teachers rapped in attention as they listened to our presentation. At the end several numbers of students were coming Nicodemusly to inquire from us on how to avoid the menace of illicit use of drug while some others choose to be part of our Drug abuse campaign club to be inaugurated sometime later in the year.

Gradually, we are creating an enthusiastic environment and bringing life back to our younger generation and we all will be happy for it. I am sure one day when we are no more here these lessons will still be repeated any how and it will go on and on like that. @si4dev #sayno2drugabuse @si4devpartners.