The meeting started at about 11:00 am with the following people in attendance.

1 Mr Elias U Samuel

2 Mr Paul Benjamin

3 Mr Arome Jerry Agada

4 Mr Adeika A Abraham

5 Mr A Abdulmauz Raji

The meeting started with an opening prayer from Mr Elias U Samuel.

The location coordinator, Mr Elias U Samuel welcomes all the members to the meeting.  He appreciates the member for their continuous commitment. He also commends the group for joining the rest of the world to mark the International Peace Day. And the effort in the just concluded public hearing on the bill to established Kogi State Youth Development Commission and Kogi State Sport Trust Fund, which he noted as a great achievement to the group


  1. Strategy and Innovation for Development initiative (SI4DEV) National conference coming up at Abuja from on the 15th to on the 17th of November, 2018. The location coordinator said the conference is the gathering of SI4DEV Partner and Volunteer across Thirty state of Nigeria. He further appeal to members to make use of the opportunity and register for the conference. All the members agreed to work towards it.
  2. Drug awareness campaign across some selected secondary school in Kogi state. The location coordinator said, there is a need to continue drug awareness campaign that was suspended as result of NDLEA training and guidelines. Mr Paul Benjamin said, letter should be sent to the school management for permission. It was jointly agreed that letter will be written to the schools for permission.
  3. Global Hand washing day coming up by 15 of October, 2018. Mr Agada Jerry, advised that the organization should partner with Ministry of Health and World Health organization for the day. Others also share the same opinion. It was agreed that the day should be mark at some selected schools and flood victim displaced camp. It was agreed that letter of partnership should be written to the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization WHO and also we should try to mark it and our own little ways and members were also encourage their own little quarters towards the day.
  4. International day of Girls Child coming up by 11 of October, 2018. Member suggested that the day should be mark at Government Girls Secondary Lokoja, with a walk. Partnership was also agreed for other NGO who share the same vision.
  5. International Polio Day coming up by October 24, 2018. It was agreed that the organization should key into Ministry of Health program for the celebration.
  6. International day for the elevation of violence against women November 25th. It was also agreed that letter of partnership should be written to Ministry of Women Affair for collaboration.
  7. AOB: location coordinator said there is an improvement in membership of the organization in the state as additional five (5) people has joined. He also appeals to the new members to be active with the activities of the organization that is a volunteer service.

Closing remark was given by the Secretary of the Location, Mr. Adeika A Abraham. He thanks the member for their various contribution, and appeal that program that has been approve should be duly observed.

The meeting came to a close at about 1:00pm with adjournment from Mr. Paul Benjamin and seconded by Mr Raji Abdulmauz with a closing prayer said Mr Raji Abdulmauz.