SI4DEV: Inaugural Report

The maiden physical convergence of Strategy and Innovation for Development Ondo State Chapter started at about 16:10 HRS with opening prayer by the SI4DEV Partner in Ondo State, Hon. Muyiwa- Omoware. Self introduction by all members was conducted after which the SI4DEV Partner presented a vivid account of the vision, mission and the objectives of the group in a rather long but concise address.


  1. Omolere Adejube
  2. Mr Folorunso Omoyeni
  3. Mrs Stella Ajayi
  4. Miss Precious Muyiwa-James
  5. Mr Oladele Ajulo
  6. Alhaji Musa Fanimo
  7. Mr Olanrewaju Odunayo and
  8. Muyiwa Omoware

APOLOGIES:  Mr Oluwole Busayo.

The Partner introduced the Program Director as Mrs Nkem Akinsoto in absential and took his time to enumerate his encounter with this very resourceful leader. The vision and mission of SI4DEV then came to public share with individuals making observations and asking questions that appears to be unclear. At this juncture, the four focus areas were subjected to thorough discuss having been dissected and enumerated by the Partner.

Enterprise, Education, Governance and Health got voted for in order of want and relevance  because unemployment was found to be the greatest concern of the society here in Ondo State. This is followed by decadence in our educational delivery, unattended institutions and its attendant crisis in the state. Governance is also found to be in a critical mess, electoral system in jeopardy while corruption has been officially entrenched in high place like never before. Regrettably, a people without strong value system in its political orientation will definitely be void of tangible progress in the health sector. This is of course the main reason why the oligarchy and the few wealthy found it unnecessary to seek for medical back home in Nigeria.



Strategy, Partnership, Research and Innovation were unanimously agreed to be our collective organizational weapons to be embraced with a view to transforming our moribund society into a better place for all.

The Partner charged the stakeholders to embrace NI4DEV as a Non Governmental Organization that will assist them in building the capacity of young people interested in Agribusiness, Skill acquisition, Community Development, Sound medical Service delivery system and interface with government and governance (The electoral process in particular) He therefore advised them to maintain a vibrant, focused, energetic and technology savvy synergy of dedicated individuals. This he maintained will enable them emulate contemporary international best practices throughout the nation.


SI4DEV Ondo Akure location group agreed to actively participate in all mutually agreed projects as outlined by its leadership. We also pledge allegiance to the leadership of the Program Director  as this is the only way by which the polity can maximally enjoy the dividends of global initiative and oriental support as advocated and represented by SI4DEV. We therefore subscribe, with gratitude, to the offer of support by SI4DEV as regards customized vests for its members.



Stakeholders generally and unanimously agreed to the payment of contributory fees like Membership fee, Annual Subscription and allied charges for administrative / operational purposes. These they agreed with a view to complementing the global body’s effort.

Funding of SI4DEV projects which are expected to be majorly sourced from Donor Agencies, Multinational Stakeholders and government collaboration and support must be judiciously expended with utmost good faith (Uberima fidei) by the leadership.




The Partner notified stakeholders of the group’s upcoming programs and the modalities for participation. Accordingly, we all agreed to take active part in the Global Youths Service Day(GYSD) initiative slated for 20th April – 22nd April, 2018.



The meeting came to an end with a motion for adjournment by Mrs Stella Ajayi and supported by Arc Omolere Adejube. The meeting came to a close with the grace jointly made at about 18:25 hrs.

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