We printed four letters with intention to give out to four schools,so as to visit any one that approves,four Si4dev Representatives met at community secondary school kpansia,
We were given a warm reception and our meeting was approved for Friday 22nd April 7:30am to conduct a handwashing campaign.The school authority was so excited to have us and are waiting earnestly to receive us on Friday.
Members present include
Joyce Solomon
Etesike timipa
Ralph Zick
Aiyekusehin monisola
Henry Afor later joined,after the letter had been given out.
We took a photo shot with the vice principal of the school.
We used the opportunity to plan towards the project ,

we would be distributing hand sanitizers to 11 classes,11 wash hand bowls,napkin and 20litres liquid soap will be donated alongside.
We concluded the meeting and went ahead to kadmon printing press in search for the t-shirt but we couldn’t get anything reasonable.
I spent #400 for printing of letters
I disbursed #4000 for the purchase of bowls,napkin and production of 20litres liquid soap,to Etesike timipa.
I further contacted someone at Aba got the shirt he said a dozen shirt of reasonable quality is #8500, printing #2500,waybill #1000amounting to #12000,the money was transferred to the seller at Aba Tuesday 17th and the shirt would be available Thursday 19th for use on Friday during the hand washing campaign.
We would also purchase small hand sanitizers to distribute to 11 classes as stated in our letters.

17 thoughts on “Report – Distribution of #GYSD Project Letter and In-Person Planning for Event”

  1. It was awesome when we went out there, the principal, teachers and school authority showed us maximum gaiety for selfless service as humanitarians.
    The principal further said he will be glad to receive more activities like this from SI4DEV. Kudos to SI4DEV for this wonderful opportunity to serve and add value to the society.

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