Date: 19th to 20th September, 2018
Citizen for Citizen is an initiative which aim at empowering citizens capacity for awareness of governance issues with electoral and political literacy on all levels of government in their communities through sensitization, awareness, empowerment and intra/ inter community civic engagement.
AAN aims to engage beneficiary citizens in selected communities nationwide by itself and in collaboration with other partners to review the major slides that impact participatory democracy at the grass roots level with the state of Osun as a tedt case.
To sensitize citizens on their Civic Rights.
Key Activities:
Day 1:
Orientation was given to all the members on what the project was all about in which the questionnaire and C-IMPACT ToolKits to be administered by members on the citizens was thoroughly explained.
We divided ourselves into two groups to make the work more effective in which the two group when to different directions and citizens were chosen randomly.
The total number of questionnaires administered was 30.
After we all finished at exactly 4pm, we converged at Iwo Local Government Secretariat.
Day 2:
Orientation was given how to properly use the C-IMPACT ToolKits
Members went individually to administer the ToolKits on the citizens
Total number of C-IMPACT ToolKits given out was 15 in which the contacts and the names of the citizens given were properly documented.
Explanation was given thoroughly to the citizens how they can properly engage fellow citizens on how they can administer the Toolkit because joint opinion is what is needed to fill the ToolKit.
From the research carried out on the citizens, listed are the few challenges/problems and possible solutions.
Illiteracy: Majority of the citizens the questionnaires were administered on are illiterate in which it was hard to explain what the project was all about to them. After explaining what the project was all about, many gave their opinions and it was discovered that many do not know their Civic Rights. When it comes to Governance and Accountability they do not know what they are all about simply because they are not educated and exposed to their Civic Rights.
Poverty: It was discovered that one of the reasons why bad leaders are being selected are due to citizens level of poverty. As many collect money to vote not knowing the consequences. Questions were further asked on why citizens pay to vote, in which some citizens made us to understand that it is their right to collect the stipend being given to them to vote because the day of the Election is being devoted alone for Election as it is not permitted to go to various places of source of income. We were made to understand some people daily income is what they are using for sustainability and not getting income for that day could lead to starving and that leads to them collecting the money to feed themselves for that day.
Anger and Frustration: Due to the frustration from the citizens, they could not give us attention to speak to them and also majority were frustrated by the present government.
Fear and Intimidation: Many citizens could not give appropriate answers as they thought we were sent by a political party.
Timing: The timing for the project was not so good as it was very close to the Governorship Election. With this, many citizens thought we wanted to campaign for a political party.
Timing: Timing should be considered and such project should be carried out when election is not around the corner.
Sensitization: Citizens should be sensitized on their Civic Rights so that we can have a good government. Attention should be given to this as many citizens do not know about Good Governance and Accountability. Also, Civic Education should be encouraged at all levels.
Post Activities:
Those whose contacts were collected were promised to be contacted for further activities
Group photographs were taken.

Members: Miss Tomisin, Mr Mubarak, Mr Opeyemi, Mr Caleb, Mr Adang