Minutes for 06th of September 2018
Opening prayer was said by the Coordinator the person of Miss Tomisin Adefare and vote of thanks was said by her also in respect to the first project of this honoring group on our visitation to the Abiye Orphanage home located at No 5B, Agowande area, Osogbo Osun state, which was held on 28th of august 2018.
Order of procedure of the meeting:
Opening prayer
Welcoming address
Introduction of new member
Closing remark and prayer
The Agenda deliberated on are as thus;
Sensitization on World cleaning day
Visitation to the Hospital
Election mobilization duty
Nomination and election of Seven man committee
introduction of new member
The meeting was led by the Coordinator herself (Miss Tomisin Adefare) with the other six members’ presence, and all members present are seven in total (Two females, five males). The first agenda raised was on the how to carry out the sensitization program on world cleaning day. The assistant coordinator the person of Mr. Gbadegesin Ibrahim suggested that we make our proposed area of sensitization Oke-bale central market with some other location in view to be selected, and orientating them as well as making awareness to the environment to ensure cleanliness of their environments. Materials and tools needed for the operations were listed as;
Wheel barrow
Nose cover et all.
While the coordinator relate to us on her opinion in collaborating with other NGOs named DEVtrain for the world cleaning day sensitization. Also, the assistant coordinator with the treasurer (Mr. Bolarinwa Fuad) volunteered to visit the Local government in charge of the proposed location to carry out the sensitization for formal protocol.
The second agenda deliberated on was on our visit to the Hospital as a second project to be carried out at Asubiaro general Hospital in Osogbo and likewise the school project on drug awareness to the student of a secondary school in a proposed locality called Akwa. The assistant coordinator and the assistant secretary (Mr. Ilori Israel) raised a vital motion that the team ought to always follow formal protocol for formality sake, in such a way that whenever we are to embark on any project a letter carrying the letter heading name of the organization and a body ought to be submitted to the agents in charge of the locality to carry out all our project before we do anything, and as for those who will go to submit the letter they need to put on the uniform of SI4dev for identification sake.
The third agenda deliberated on was on the file document forwarded to the group page regarding the mobilization of members to the election duty ground. The coordinator gave us a sound clue to be qualified for that for any member to participate in such task, he or she must be fully registered fully on the organization website.
The Fourth agenda deliberated on was the nomination and election of seven man temporary executives, namely;
The Coordinator: Miss Tomisin Adefare was nominated and elected
The Assistance Coordinator: Mr. Gbadegesin Ibrahim was nominated and elected
The Treasurer: Mr. Bolarinwa Fuad was nominated and elected
The Public Relation Officer (P.R.O): MR. Ademakinwa Pelumi was nominated and elected
The Welfare: Mr. Adetoro Samson was nominated and elected
The Secretary: Mr. Mubarak was nominated and elected
The Assistance Secretary: Mr. Ilori Israel was nominated and elected
The Welfare director raised an issue concerning a proper awareness of SI4DEV, what is it about, what they do, there requirements, and there benefit to each member, while the Coordinator addressed the issue. The coordinator welcome the new member and a proper introduction was done. The Coordinator made some announcement to us concerning the upcoming National conference by Nov/Dec and suggested that we need to be there all for networking and connection sake. She implored us to do our registration online on SI4DEV site and as well invite others who are willing to join. She announced to us concerning her effort toward writing a proposal so as to raise funds for the purpose of carrying out project easily and effectively.
Issue was raised on project relations, members are beckoned on to suggest programs for us, so as to enlist them down and work on them subsequently as project. Mr. Gbadegesin Ibrahim raised an issue concerning the duty of newly elected seven man executive that the members of the house should have it at the back of their mind that the task assigned to the new executive is not meant for them alone but for the whole team and we should all put hands together so as to achieve a greater goal. The P.R.O suggested that we should be having meetings online at least once in a week, while the Assistant coordinator second hand him in such idea and suggested that the meeting should be held every Friday night on SI4DEV whatsapp group platform by 8 p.m. The meeting was adjourned by the assistant coordinator and second handed by Mr. Bolarinwa Fuad. Closing prayer was said by Mr. Samson Adetoro and a group picture was taken.

Attendance of Members
Miss Tomisin Adefare
Mr. Gbadegesin Ibrahim
Mr. Bolarinwa Fuad
Mr. Ilori Israel
Mr. Samson Adetoro
Mr. Pelumi Ademakinwa
Miss Ifeoluwa Fapohunda